Director's training

Hong Kong listed company’s regulations , Director’s responsibilities and duties , Corporate Governance and Risk Management
Course introduction

With the increasing number of corporate governance requirements for listed companies by regulators and investors, HKEx has added a code provision on the training of directors in the Corporate Governance Code and the Corporate Governance Report (Appendix XIV). It is stated that “all directors should participate in continuous professional development and update their knowledge and skills to ensure that they continue to contribute to the Board with comprehensive information and appropriate needs.” The issuer must disclose in the Corporate Governance Report. How the directors comply with the code provisions on training. In view of this, BMI Professional Training Center has tailor-made a series of professional training courses for directors of listed company directors.

Course details

Instruction Language: Cantonese / Mandarin / English

Training Hour: Each topic for 2 hours, topics can be designated by clients.

Date, Time and Venue: Can be designated by client. (Attendance Certificate will be issued after completing the course.)

*This course is suitable for members of the board of directors of listed companies, chief financial officers, chief operating officers, company secretaries and management personnel of listed companies.