Information to Students

For Seminars / Courses (Included CPD/CPT courses)

1.    The seminar/course fee includes seminar/course materials, refreshments and certificate of attendance unless otherwise specified.

2.    To reserve your seat(s), we encourage you to complete the registration and settle payment online.

   By Paypal (visa or master card) 
   By Upload bank slip

   You can complete the registration form and forward full payment of seminar/course fee by cheque and mail to  

   BMI Professional Training Centre Limited

*Details you can refer to Enrollment Methods “

3.    Payment must be received at least 5 days before the seminar/course commences in order for you to attend the seminar/course.  Confirmations of bookings and receipts will only be issued by email upon evidence of receipt of full payment.  If you have not received a confirmation of booking 72 hours prior to the commencement of the seminar/course, you should contact BMIPTC at 3970 9236 to confirm your place and / or arrange for payment of seminar/course fees; otherwise your seat may be released to another delegate.

4.    Subject to paragraph 6, seminar/course fees are not refundable. Delegates who cannot attend a seminar/course must notify BMIPTC in writing at at least 72 hours before the seminar/course commences.
       -  where seminar/course fees have been paid, the fees paid will not be refundable.  

       -    A replacement delegate within your organization may attend the seminar/course without additional charge. Please note that you will need to inform us officially by email to for approval. 

5 .    Seminars/Courses will be cancelled if the No.8 typhoon signal or black rainstorm warning is hoisted within 2 hours of the seminar/course or during the seminar/course.  In the event of cancellation due to bad weather, the seminar/course will be rescheduled and you may attend the seminar/course on the rescheduled date; or seminar/ course fees will not be refunded.

        Adverse Weather Arrangement
        Arrangements for BMI Professional Training Centre Classes
        When typhoons or rainstorms affect Hong Kong, the following arrangements of the BMI Professional Training Centre Limited will apply:
        No. 8 / BLACK Rainstorm
        (a) Lowered at/ Before 7:00 am.               All the Full Day or Morning Classes         Resumed
        (b) Lowered at / Before 12:00 noon.        All the Afternoon Classes                         Resumed
        (c) Lowered at/ Before 03:00 pm.            All the Evening Classes                             Resumed
        * Information provided by Hong Kong Observatory.

6.    BMI Professional Training Centre reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any seminars /courses without any advance notice. 
       - Rescheduling: If a seminar/course is rescheduled and you cannot attend the rescheduled seminar/course, then seminar/course fees will not be refunded.  Delegation can be accepted in this case.  
       - Cancellation: If a seminar/course is cancelled (other than pursuant to paragraph 5), you may obtain a refund or apply such fees towards another seminar/course to be held during the next 6 months (extended to the last day of that month).

7.    Any bank charges and / or expenses incurred as a result of bounced cheques and / or wire transfers will be borne by the delegates.

8.    BMIPTC will not normally issue an invoice, an official receipt nor attendance certificate for registration of a CPD / CPT seminar/course.  There will be an administration charge for BMIPTC to issue the following: an original invoice – HK$100; an official receipt – HK$100, an attendance certificate – HK$150.