Which way to enroll is easier?

Through online registration is easiest, you will know if seats are avaliable or not.

Do i need to become a member before enroll?


Registration Name need to be same as Certification Name?


Does it means enrollment completed after registration?


Does it means enrollment completed after registration and paid by credit card?


When do i must complete my payment after registration?

Within 5days

Payment Method

You can login your account and settle payment by credit card or valided bank in slip

Administration person become a member automatically after Corporate account has been created?


How to become a member as an administration person?

Fill in the personal information again in registration form

How to arrange in adverse weather condition?

Adverse Weather Arrangement
When typhoons or rainstorms affect Hong Kong, the following arrangements of the BMI Professional Training Centre Limited will apply:
No. 8 / BLACK Rainstorm
(a) Lowered at/ Before 7:00 am.               All the Full Day or Morning Classes         Resumed
(b) Lowered at / Before 12:00 noon.        All the Afternoon Classes                         Resumed
(c) Lowered at/ Before 03:00 pm.            All the Evening Classes                             Resumed
* Information provided by Hong Kong Observatory.